What Is Android P? Best Features And Updates In Android P

Android P

What Is Android P? Best Features And Updates In Android P: In the recent event of Google I/O we got to see the New Android Version By Google which is Android P. So you might have a question regarding it that What Is Android P?

What Is Android P?

Actually, it is the New Version of Android By Google. Every Year Google Releases its new Android Version. So same this year they launched the New Version Of Android.

As every year as it is the New Version Of Android so we will get to see some new features and updates in Android P.

Still, the Name Of The Name Of Android P is not decided. It would be whether Android Pancake Or Any other name.

There are a lot of new features and updates in Android P which we will discuss in this article. Features like Design, Dat Notch, Dual Camera API Support, Better Battery, and more are the features coming to the latest version of Android.

New Features And Updates In Android P

As such there are a lot of new features and updates in Android P. But we will be telling the best features and updates. Mainly Google is focusing on these three things for this version Intelligence, Simplicity, and Digital Wellbeing.

  • Adaptive Brightness

    Another area where Google is using AI to enhance user experience is the display. With the AI, your smartphone will not only take into the ambient lighting into account but also your preferences as to how you like to set the brightness slider given your surroundings. Once your smartphone learns your pattern, it will automatically change the brightness of your smartphone’s display to match your preferences.

  • App Actions

    Another new feature that Google is introducing with the new Android P Developer Preview 2 is called App Actions. App Actions will take advantage of AI to figure out your next actions based on your previous usage pattern and give you smart suggestions based on it.

  • For example, once you connect your headphones to your smartphone, Google will know which playlist you like the most and will suggest that you play it. The best part about App Actions is that it is integrated everywhere inside Android P including in places like the Launcher, Smart Text Selection, the Play Store, the Google Search app, and the Assistant.
  • Gestures

To navigate your interface using the Pill icon you get gestures. Tapping on the Pill icon will take you home, swiping up will enable multitasking view, a longer swipe up will open the app drawer, swiping right on the home button will help you switch between recent apps, and a quick swipe to right will switch to the most recent app. In places where you need to go back (for example, inside an app), you will be provided with the back button at the left of the Pill icon.

  • Having Multi-Camera Support

In this new update, Google is adding a new API, so developers can explore this facility more and use multiple cameras together.

By doing so, they can use many effects such as depth-sensing magic, Apple-style live portrait mode, overlay two images, etc. Which were not available in earlier standard phones. With this, Google is now going to add support for apps, so that the features of image stabilization and display-based flash can be found in the primary camera of your phone.

  • Support of Dat Notch

Now many manufacturers are shortening the bezels, from which front-facing sensors are leaving the notch on the display of your phone, so Android P is supporting such cutout in the display where the UI can be built with the help of API That is what can be done all around such a notch. This means that now these full-screen apps where the buttons will be placed on the side so it will actively avoid such notch areas display, which is very great for everyone.

Therefore, a lot of notch styles have been added to the Android P simulator to help developers, with the help of which they can test it well without having to phone.

  • Having more media support

  • Now Android P native will support HDR VP9 Profile 2 codec, from which they will deliver deliverable HDR video from YouTube, Play Movies, etc. With this, it supports High-Efficiency Image Format (HEIF), which is a modern JPEG alternative, which is already being used in iOS. As we know that JPEG has been around for almost 20 years, this new image format will work better than that, where it can store double quantity information in the same size file. Which will be a better alternative as it does not change image quality.

Android P Release Date?

The review of Android P is currently being released, but Android 9.0 may be released by Google I / O event 2018, which is due in mid-May this year, between 16-18 May 2018. Many public betas will also be released in the same interval and we can see final consumer release only in August 2018.

How To Install Android P

Google says that this OS can be first launched in Pixel Phones. This means that they will not support anymore in Nexus 5X and 6P, or in Pixel C Tablet. It is now worth seeing how long it will be available in our markets.

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