Best Launcher For Android – Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Best Launcher For Android – Nova Launcher Prime Apk: Nova Launcher Prime Apk, Best Launcher For Android, Pixel LauncherFrom the very begging Android has improved and evolved a lot. From Android Lollipod Or 5.0, we have seen new design than the Android 7.0 also bought some New Features like New App Drawers and more features but still the question remains why the Android Launchers exist?

They exist due to more customization they have within them. The features they add and better stuff they provide so everyone out there should try Android Launchers So here are the list of Best Launcher For Android – Nova Launcher Prime Apk.

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Best Launcher For Android – Nova Launcher Prime Apk

  1. Nova Launcher has been here for a long time and it has made sure that it remains relevant. It brings a stock interface but there are tons of customization options to play with. There’s ability to customize the animations, icons, app drawer, widgets, grid layout along with other handy features like gestures (Premium version), icon pack support, backup/restore etc.
  2. Buzz Launcher has taken home many awards for its personalization & customization features and rightly so. The launcher features more than 800,000 themes and they all bring such amazing looks that will leave you mesmerized.
  3. Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher makes sure you find all the stuff with ease. It brings 5 tabs on the home screen: Apps, People, Notes & Reminder, Widgets and Recent. The Apps page features the most used apps, “People” features contacts that you talk to most and “Recent” features whatever you’ve done recently, be it opening apps or taking a picture. The launcher also brings an iOS-like Control center, which can be accessed through a swipe up from the bottom and it brings app shortcuts, toggles, and settings.
  4. Stock Android devices from the likes of Motorola and Google (Nexus) itself come with the Google Now launcher as the default, so chances are you might have already used it but if you haven’t, you should check it out. Since it’s Google’s official launcher, there are Material Design elements incorporated and it goes well with the stock Android interface. It features Google Now on the leftmost pane of the home screen, which comes in handy if you use Google Now a lot.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk-

Along with the features, Nova Launcher is fast & fluid and while testing it, we did not feel any lag at all. The app is available in a free version, as well as a Prime version, which brings gestures, unread count badges, icon swipes, more scroll effects, ability to hide apps and more. If you like customizing everything about your Android home screen, you should definitely get Nova Launcher.

Install: (FreePrime $4.99)


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